Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yes, Do That: Embrace Civility (and Tea)

I had plans to attend the Tea Party Express rally (featuring Sarah Palin!) this morning, mostly because it was supposed to be nice out and I had nothing better to do. But my non-taxpaying, Communist daughter clearly had other ideas and kept me awake most of the night. By the time we got going this morning, Palin's speech had already started.

Baby Razor wasn't happy that we went anyway.

(Look at the little Bolshevik. She's even wearing red.)

Then the stupid, Socialist bus was late, and when it showed up the driver announced that there was a mechanical problem and dispatch wasn't responding to him, so the bus was out of service. Sigh. Honestly, the MBTA is one of those things that makes me kind of understand the tea partiers point of view, because, you know, I pay taxes for and rely on public transportation that blows goats. I'd almost be willing to stop paying those taxes so they could stop pretending they're going to get me anywhere in a timely manner. I don't blame Obama for the T's debt though, which is where the tea partiers and I part ways again.

Anyway. By the time I got to Boston Common most of the sound and fury was over, so I took pictures of the genteel counter-protest organized by the Real Boston Tea Party. Their idea was that no matter what your politics, you should disagree civilly. We at Don't Do That couldn't agree more, since two of our most sacred tenets are Don't Be Rude and Don't Act Like An Asshole In Public. We don't think these rules are unreasonable, but a lot of people seem to have trouble with them.

So a hearty Yes, Do That! to people from any spot on the political spectrum who reject name-calling and hyperbole and refuse the temptation to demonize opposing viewpoints.

Cookies are always nice too.

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  1. thanks so much for coming! i had such a blast. -ktea