Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't Forget It's April Fools'

Whether you love it or hate it, April Fools is here. We'll be updating this entry throughout the day with the best/worst hoaxes we find, plus anything that sounds like a hoax but isn't. (Remember: Google announced gmail on 4/1 and everyone thought they were joking. Email with unlimited storage? Psssh. That's crazy talk.)


As much as we would love Tribles & Bits cereal, Think Geek is just messing with us. (More joke products at the bottom of that page, including a Screaming Knife and Canned Unicorn Meat.)

Google is now known as Topeka (We can't believe Topeka, KS really changed its name to "Google" for a month. That's like that girl in middle school who insists everyone call her "Serena" even though her name is Sarah.)

YouTube introduces Textp, a text-only viewing experience

Witty, romance novel review sites Smart Bitches Trashy Books and Dear Author have decided to make some cash by selling their reviews on Etsy instead of just giving them away for free.

If you subscribe to Thrillist, don't worry: there is no such thing as MeetingRoulette or a restaurant serving peppercorn-encrusted elephant tenderloin.

Mom-guilt gone wild: Stay-at-home mom arrested for using bouillon cube.

Large Hadron Collider humor! LHC opens portal to another dimension. Meanwhile, a Man arrested at the LHC claims he's from the future. (In case you're wondering.)

Aw, it's a baby skeksis!

This is fake: Physicists assemble world's smallest snowman. This is real: Scientists create world's tiniest starship Enterprise.

Oh god, how I wish this one was real: Prankster tortures New York with elaborate In-n-Out hoax.

World of Warcraft Insider has gone through a few permutations today, including Twilight Insider and Gaga Insider.

io9 wraps up the best geek-related pranks on the web.

Oh, AfterElton, it's mean to tease: Kirk kisses Spock in Upcoming "Star Trek" movie

We actually had to read this one to make sure it was a joke. That says nothing good about Mickey D's: McDonald's scraps composting program because food won't decompose

Not A Joke
Census Bureau receiving forms with Star Trek races written in

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