Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't be Brett Favre


You know, this topic was one of the ones that we discussed at the initiation of this blog, but we figured that just a plain "Don't be Brett Favre" was too obvious. But you know what? Given the news today that Brett Favre just now discovered that he has to have ankle surgery in order to play next season, I think that it's time. Don't be Brett Favre, and don't let your friends and family be him either.

I repeat, on the last day of April, three and a half months after Brett Favre last choked played a game, he has told his team that he has to have ankle surgery, on an ankle that he's had surgery on twice before, in order to play football next season.

Today, on the day that NFL minicamps begin, he announces this.

Today, a week and a half after the draft ended, the draft in which his team could have and did not select a quarterback in a high round.

Today, well after a free agent period ended, in which his team could have gotten a quarterback that is better than the collection of shitty quarterbacks that they have (both Donovan McNabb and Jason Campbell were dealt around, and either is significantly better than Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, and whoever the hell they picked in the 6th round).

Hell, he didn't even see a doctor about this ankle injury -- which, again, happened in JANUARY -- until recently.

And now all NFL fans (and really, all sports fans, given the way that ESPN covers this story) will be subjected to Brett Favre Brett Favre Brett Favre Brett Favre all damn summer long. Who wants to bet that his name will come up during the ESPN coverage of the World Cup? Soccer - football - Brett Favre plays football, done!

His team will be screwed over regardless, but Brett Favre doesn't care, because all he cares about is himself and how many times people say his name, how often poor Rachel Nichols has to be camped out on his front lawn, and how many more tearful press conferences he is able to have (my money is on at least three). Because he knows that when he goes away, no one will care about him anymore, and they will move both their affections and their hatred on to the next quarterback (I bet Brett Favre really hates Tim Tebow). Brett, football will go on without you, please just go away. And the next person out there who is thinking about acting like this? You don't be Brett Favre either.

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