Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Quickies: Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage Edition

As our resident mother is enjoying a greatly deserved mini vacation, we have some links about marriage, kids and parenting for you today:

Don't want Great Aunt Helen to come to the wedding? Here's a fantastic way to keep her from the details: 8-Bit Game Wedding Invitations for German Couple (Komplett Blog)

There are so many don'ts to choose from here. Don't put fruit in your wedding photos? Don't wear those weird fake gloves? Don't tie your tie so that it looks like a vagina?: ...What is going on here? (Wedinator)

Don't shrink your grandma's hands! Oh, those are...baby hands? Yeah, don't do that either: WTF (STFU Parents)

Don't miss this video of POTUS and FLOTUS if you need a little happiness to start your day: Obamas share private moment (CNN)

Don't skip this Pulitzer Prize winning article because the subject matter is heartbreaking, it's got information that every parent should know: Fatal Distraction (Washington Post) (Chat with the author today.)

Don't let this happen again, CRAYOLA: Consumer Reporting (Amalah)

Don't start a fight in front of your kids at the Children's Museum, for goodness sake: 2 women brawl at Children's Museum Not so Minnesota Nice, hmmmmmm? (KSTP TV)

Think your business idea sounds kind of gross? Don't worry: the name of this one makes skin crawl, and businesses like it are apparently booming: Killing Lice is a Growing Business (New York Times)

Don't actually tell your kids stories like these, because they'll believe you (trust me, my dad did something similar to my sister, she believed that she was from an alien planet for a long time): I hope they don't have kids in hell (Que Sera Sera)

Don't try to pretend you don't love this kid. Okay, well, unless you hate the Red Sox: Joshua Sacco Delivers Herb Brooks' 'Miracle' Speech Before Red Sox Opener (NESN)

Don't give this kid detention for being cracking you up: Awesome Kid Gets Detention for being Hilarious (Huffington Post)

Don't you want to be this girl? Or have her dad? Yeah, we do too: Voltron Girl (Buzzfeed)

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