Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Quickies, Big Geek Edition

We at Don't Do that Love geeks, and all of the smart smart things that they have brought to our lives. In honor of Embrace your Geekness Day today, here are some links that the geeks of us will love (with a little bit of soccer love to start):

Missing the World Cup? So are we! Don't mourn too much, though, at least we have these fantastic pictures:
The World Cup comes to a close. (The Big Picture)

Don't read this if you haven't read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books (but if you have, it's hilarious): The Girl Who Fixed the Umlaut, a spoof on the books by Nora Ephron. (The New Yorker)

Don't want a little cuteness in your life? Then don't click this link:
Red Panda cub born at the National Zoo!

Don't avoid making a cherry pie because you don't have a cherry pitter:
How to pit cherries with an old fork and with a paper clip.

Don't read this if you're a headline writer, you'll die from jealousy.
Sports headlines are probably the most fun to write. (Reuters)

Don't believe that the guy who discovered Pluto went on a game show? Just watch:
Clyde Tombaugh on I've Got a Secret in 1956. (YouTube)

Don't make your bed? No problem!
Untidy beds may keep us healthy. (BBC)

Don't look at this if you really need a new bookshelf, you'll have lust in your heart:

Don't know that Jen from Cakewreck's has another blog? Well, you do now, and it's lots of geeky fun:
Epbot. And the top post right now is an awesome otter video.

And speaking of cakes: Threadless + cakes = geek love:
Cake contest! (Threadcakes)

Don't think that scientists can rock? Think again!:
Rockin' scientists: NYU brain researchers put down their data sets, and get down with their rock band. (Scientific American

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  1. Okay, The Girl Who Fixed the Umluaut just cracked my shit up. So funny!