Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't Write Profanities On Your Fingernail in Court

Picture courtesy of Gawker

God really? Really? We have to say this? Okay.

There are many bad things that people wear or do in court. Ripped clothing, shorts, tank tops, miniskirts (especially bad when you're the lawyer), very visible tattoos, we've seen them all. That picture up there? That takes the cake. Let me be clear: when you're the defendant, and you had a DUI charge, and you're on probation, repeatedly didn't do your court ordered alcohol classes, and you have a court date with a judge who is at the end of her rope, the very LAST thing that you should do is write "Fuck U" on your middle finger. DON'T DO THAT.

Among the many many other problems with this...I mean, GOD, she couldn't even spell out the YOU?

Lindsay, the three of us at Don't Do That have been some of your biggest fans, so every time you do something crazy, it just makes us even sadder than in this post. But good lord. Please, Lindsay, go to jail, then go to rehab, and make your hair red again, and stop making us feature pictures of you. Because you make us sad.

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