Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Quickies: Back to Work Edition

We hope all of our American readers enjoyed the holiday weekend. Don't Do That's east coast headquarters is recovering from too much sun, food, and furniture shopping (we recently bought a house and just realized that it looks awfully empty since we own, like, three bookcases and a crib.) Frankly, we hope your holiday weekend involved more booze than ours.

Have some links to ease you into the work week.

Don't get caught daydreaming of a Roman holiday:
Panoramic tour of the Sistine Chapel (The resolution is amazing, and there are no Vatican guards shushing you like at the real thing.)

Don't forget to plan ahead if you want to rent a country:
Snoop Dogg tries to rent entire country of Liechtenstein

Don't put anything like this in your query letters:
Slush Pile Hell

I don't have any jokes better than the headline:
Chatroulette plans penis-recognition algorithm to ban pervy users

Sweet Jesus, don't eat this:
French fry coated bacon on a stick (The ads on the page are the piece de resistance)

Don't expect a reply:
Letters to Dead People

Don't sunbathe in the graveyard:
Really Extreme Makeovers

Don't forget to vote, baseball fans:
All-Star Game Final Vote (Top of the page. If you don't care, VOTE YOUKILIS and Daisy will send you cookies. For real.)

Christ, Nike, have you not been paying attention? Don't forget that women are fans too:
Where are all the female soccer fans? (Shoutout to our awesome reader Amanda, whose blog, Needs More Kittens is quoted in that post)

Don't judge me for laughing at this:
Hey, you: Bring back the handjob (I thought Daulerio's whole day at Jezebel was hysterical, to tell you the truth)

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