Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Themeless Quickies

We are all kind of disasters over here this week, so today's Quickies are late. And also have no theme - besides awesomeness, because there are some great links in here.

Don't forget what Times Sqaure will look like after the apocalypse:
Times Square Evacuated for Suspicious Package (Gothamist)

And speaking of the apocalypse, Don't be unprepared for zombies: Zombie Preparedness Initiative (Zombie Preparedness Initiative)

Don't be afraid to take advantage of Visa. This time, it's their JOB: How To Make Visa Obey Your Every Desire: The Credit Card Concierge Experiment (The Blog of Tim Ferriss)

Don't ignore Barney Stinson's advice. Or his suits: How To Pick Up Women With Style (Esquire)

Don't underestimate boredom or bacon: You Had Me At Bacon (Bitchin' Kulture)

But Don't think bacon goes well in EVERYTHING: San Francisco Bacon Camp. Brownie attended Bacon Camp over the weekend, and gives a thumbs up to bacon hot sauce and bacon cornbread, but a thumbs down to bacon brownies. Irony! (Laughing Squid)

Don't mock geeks - this is actually pretty great: My Handmade Hobbit Hole - Bag End From Lord of the Rings (Mads Hobbit Hole)

Don't think Twitter is on the cutting edge: Twitter Updates, the 18th Century Edition (WSJ)

Don't blame us if you're pissed after you see this: Visual Guide to Facebook's Privacy Changes Over Time (Huffington Post)

Don't wear complicated shoes if you're going to get this wasted: Wasted Guy at Coachella 2010 (YouTube)

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