Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't Do That to Me, Lost


I am still incapable of any rational thought after last night's Lost. No spoilers here, but OH MY FUCKING GOD, right? I was sort of expecting one of those things to happen by the end of this season, but my God, not the others.

Because I can't string two words together about the episode that make any sense, here are people who can and did:

Sepinwall (who has now moved from his nice, clean looking blog with a full RSS feed to a bloated slow loading site with a two line feed, which makes me a little more angry than any TV critic's job change should)
Mo Ryan
Tom and Lorenzo
Celebritology from the Washington Post
What the producers said

And eventually, Doc Jensen will be up with something long and totally confusing at I'm now going to go read them all and cry at my desk.

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