Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't Forget To Wear White Next Week

It's almost Memorial Day weekend, y'all, and in honor of that, we're taking Monday off. Some of us have great plans (a weekend in wine country! A college reunion!) and some of us...well, some of us have a conference all the way through Sunday afternoon, but are trying really hard not to be bitter about it.

So, whether you're hanging out in Chicago with the Obamas (hey Sasha, can I borrow your top?), kicking off the official start of BBQ season, or hanging out at the pool because it is finally open, we hope our US readers have an amazing weekend. And our non-US readers should also have an amazing weekend, because it's the weekend YAY.

And get ready to bust out those white pants next week, because no longer will you have to worry about that Secret Footage - Stacy and Clinton decree it, and this chick approves.

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