Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Quickies: Geek Edition

(Daisy's Christmas tree. Spot the geekery!)

I don't believe you can get plush toys of all the subatomic particles. (I want a tachyon!)
Particle Zoo

After you get the particles, don't forget to buy baby's first physics book:
Pat Schrodinger's Kitty (Etsy)

I don't entirely understand the physics here (I need the plush toys to act it out for me!), but the final quote is fabulous:
From Fermilab, a New Clue to Explain Human Existence? (New York Times)

Don't spell without it:
The Geek Alphabet (Geeks are Sexy)

Don't call me a geek without checking this venn diagram first:
The Difference Between Nerd, Dork and Geek Explained (Great White Snark)

And don't call me a fanboy either. For one thing, I'm a girl.
Fanboy! The strange true story of the tech world's favorite put-down. (Technologizer via Gizmodo)

Don't put this in your house if you ever want to have sex ever ever:
Star Wars Wampa rug (ThinkGeek)

Don't get these tattoos if you ever want to have sex ever ever:
Nerd Tatts of the Week (Nerdist)

Don't date someone you don't like kissing. It's science:
Pucker Up: Scientists Study Kissing (CNN)

Don't even think about claiming astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson as your science boyfriend. He is mine. Mine, I tell you!
The Secret Life of Scientists: Neil DeGrasse Tyson (PBS)

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  1. Is it wrong that I really, really like the wampa rug?