Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't Question my Patriotism: USA USA USA


I really really really hate getting up in the morning, as anyone who has ever known me or been my roommate will be able to tell you. I live on the West Coast, where World Cup games start at 4:30 am. The USA game going on right now started at 7, which is 30 minutes before my alarm goes off, and 45 minutes before I actually ever get out of bed. Also, it will end at approximately the time I should be arriving at work, which is about 35 minutes away. And yet, I pulled myself out of bed when my alarm went off today at 6:55, and am now sitting anxious on the couch yelling at the ref for that BULLSHIT call just now. And I will likely be late to work, because this damn game is stressful. But that is because I love America, so suck it, Sarah Palin, those of us on the coasts are patriots too.

And I can tell that my neighbors are all watching too, since the buzz of the vuvuzela is coming from the house next door.

45 more minutes. USA USA USA!



  1. The offsides rule is KILLING ME!

  2. So here is my story:

    I had to be in court this morning, which I usually get out of around 10. It went shockingly fast today, so I was done around 9:30. I'd been getting text updates from a friend, so I knew we were at zeros and England was up 1-0.

    I decided that, since it was early, I would run and get coffee, remembering that there was an Irish pub kitty corner from the Starbucks - I thought it might be open and I could poke my head in.

    When I poked my head in, I poked it into SOLID PEOPLE. The place was PACKED with dudes in suits who were clearly supposed to be doing Important Work somewhere downtown, but were instead standing here, worrying. We were all biting our nails through the end of regulation and the first bit of injury time AND THEN.

    AND THEN WE SCORED AND THE PLACE WENT APESHIT. Strangers were hugging, someone had a vuvuzela, and the guys next to me nearly took my arms off with their enthusiastic high fives. It was exactly the kind of moment that makes me love sports so much.

  3. That is an AWESOME story. I was walking to the train right after the game ended, and I heard two guys saying "What a game" and I gave them a fist pump and we got all excited.