Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The What-Day-Is-It? Quickies: Food Edition

The weekly links round up, on the day Daisy really thought was Tuesday.

Don't eat nails:
A Varied Diet (Mind Hacks)

Don't think too much about what this resembles, you dirty birds:
Banana Bunker

Don't put too much stock into these results (although Daisy does in fact have "a large network of loyal friends and admirers"):
What Does Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Say About You? (Shine)

Don't give this name to your restaurant:
Oh, we'll let you be surprised (Roger Ebert's Twitter)

Don't try to write with cheese or eat fonts:
Cheese or Font?

Not that we think you would, but don't launch a bacon rocket in your back yard:
Yeah, we said "bacon rocket" (Rather Good)

Good lord, don't eat this:
Pizzacone (Thrillist)

Don't tell guests what this place used to be:
Barbecue Joint Proposed for Former Restroom (Boston Restaurant Talk)

Don't eat school lunches every day unless it's for a noble experiment:
Fed Up: The School Lunch Project

Don't make breast milk cheese; we hear it tastes terrible:
Klee’s Daniel Angerer Invites You to Taste His Wife’s Breast-Milk Cheese (Grub Street New York)

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