Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuesday Monday Quickies: Oscar Hangover Edition

Special Monday Quickies this week because our Oscar parties kicked our asses.

Don't rush the stage, lady:
The story behind Oscar's "Kanye moment" (Salon)

Don't forget to ask who they're wearing! We're not watching for your sparkling wit, Seacrest:
Designed by whom? Often it was a guess. (NY Times)

Don't mistake "shamelessness" for a positive personality trait, Giuliana Rancic:
For E!'s veteran hostess, the occasional trainwreck is no setback. (Washington Post)

Don't you love Meryl Streep's gown?
Meryl Streep in Chris March at the Oscars (Tom and Lorenzo)

Don't you also love George Clooney?
George Clooney: The nicest guy at the Oscars (Steve Garfield)

Don't forget your wallet; the Oscars are cash bar:
Oscar bar menu (Neil Gaiman)

Don't get yourself banned from the Oscars. You'll have to make your acceptance speech on your lawn:
Hurt Locker producer Chartier speaks in Malibu

Don't file dumb lawsuits:
A lawsuit for Hurt Locker in time for Oscars (Carpetbagger)

Don't blame the rest of the Hurt Locker guys for drinking mimosas. It was 4:30 a.m.:
post-Oscar interview (Today Show)

Don't skin a muppet to make your train, Zoe:
Red carpet hits and misses (NY Mag)

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