Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Quickies: Design Edition

Welcome to Don't Do That's weekly links round up, guaranteed to brighten even the dreariest, most waterlogged Tuesday. (Hang in there, New Englanders!)

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Don't dress like Donna Martin:
90210 Window Display (Sandra Juto)

Don't spend a month's rent on ugly shoes:
Balenciaga Shoes (Tom & Lorenzo)

Don't dress your doggie like Lady Gaga (unless it's for art):
The Doggie Gaga Project (Jesse Freidin)

Don't call Lady Gaga a bad influence:
Lady Gaga Inspires Award-Winning Teen (Boston Globe)

Don't wear these around small children:
Using Barbie Parts As Jewelry (This Blog Rules)

Don't eat the klonopin jewelry:
Klonopin Jewelry is the Best Jewelry (The Gloss)

Don't do mom-guilt, says Project Runway's Laura Bennett (we agree!):
Laura Bennett Cuts Her Own Hair (BlogHer)

Don't make major repairs with Lego bricks (but minor ones are adorable):
Lego Street Art (Dispatchwork)

Don't eat the candy chandelier:
The "Candelier" (Jellio)

Don't blaspheme in these churches-turned-homes. We're still worried about lightning bolts:
Converted Churches (Casa Sugar)


  1. Seriously?! A Klonopin necklace?! I'm totally adding that to my list of reasons not to prescribe it!

  2. Okay, that Lego thing is AMAZING. I could seriously look at those pictures all day.