Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Quickies

Welcome to Don't Do That's weekly link round up, in which we bring you everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. Why? Because Tuesday is the lamest day of the week, and we could all use a quickie.

Don't Leave Your Teddy Bear Out In a Snowstorm:
Snowmageddon in Time Lapse (Buzzfeed)

Don't Blink During This Video:
T-Shirt War (Laughing Squid)

Don't Buy Designer Clogs (Really? CLOGS?):
Clogs the New It Shoe (Stylehop)

Don't Spend $2000 on a Trash Bag:
Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace Bag (Tom & Lorenzo)

Don't Look at This Macabre Mechanical Conan O'Brien Before Bed:
Robo Coco (Bostonist)

Don't Expect Too Much From Your Politicians:
Elect Me Governor of New York: I Don't Cheat On My Wife (True/Slant)

Don't Forget to Make Sure The Source You're Citing Actually Exists:
Bernard-Henri Lévy Quotes Fictional Philosopher

Don't Pretend A Trampoline Net In the Guggenheim Wouldn't Be Awesome:
Experiencing the Void (Design Boom)

Don't Make A Twinkie Wedding Cake (with pictures!):
Twinkie Wedding (Hostess)

Don't Buy a Bacon Bra:
10 Sexy and Weird Gifts That Will Make Women Beg You To Take Off Their Underwear (InventorSpot)

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