Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Quickies

Welcome to Don't Do That's weekly link round up, in which we bring you everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. Why? Because Tuesday is the lamest day of the week, and we could all use a quickie.

Don't gloat before your team wins the title, Aaron from Corvallis, Oregon: Bill Simmons' Mailbag (ESPN)

Don't pay for punctuation: Yeah, Right (Boston Globe)

But don't be afraid to use a semicolon: How To Use A Semicolon (The Oatmeal)

Don't panic, but the aliens appear to be on the way: Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

Don't Do That, put politely: Please Stop Doing That (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Don't EVER use the phrase "speak nanny": How To Speak Nanny (NY Times)

Don't visit this site somewhere you can't laugh out loud: Snacks and Shit

Don't believe that buying shit makes you manly: Super Bowl Ad Flowchart (LaurenWick)

Don't judge Daisy's embarrassing celebrity crushes: David Cook interview (EW)

Don't...actually there is nothing negative we can say about this: Puppy Cam! (Ustream)


  1. Snacks and shit is AWESOME.

  2. Holy mother, I have never heard of Snacks and Shit, but it is clearly the best thing on the planet.