Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Quickies: Olympic Edition

Welcome to Don't Do That's weekly link round up, in which we bring you everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. Why? Because Tuesday is the lamest day of the week, and we could all use a quickie.

Don't mock the Norwegian curling pants, for they are awesome:
Norwegian curling pants: If you can't beat 'em, blind 'em (Seattle Times)

Don't pretend 'O Canada' isn't a kick-ass anthem:
Canadian fans sing 'O Canada,' Canadian curling team wins (Yahoo Sports)

Don't forget to practice safe sex, hottie Olympic athletes:
Cold days, hot nights: Olympic village secrets (MSNBC)

Don't like sports? You can still get into the Olympic spirit with Etsy's Olympic-themed crafts:
Etsy Finds: Who's your Olympic favorite (The Storque)

Don't you wonder why the medal bouquets are green? Now you know:
There's quite a story behind the Olympic flowers (Yahoo Sports)

Don't mispronounce 'Kikkan' or she'll ski you down:
Kikkan Randall interview (Baby Names Made Easy)

Don't underestimate NBC's commitment to schmaltz:
Olympic sap-o-meter (Slate)

Don't skip meals, especially if you're an athlete:
New muscles and pounds fuel Tanith Belbin's ice dancing (New York Times)

Don't look at your sister like that, it creeps us out:
How ice dancing siblings handle the ick factor (WSJ)

Don't try to tell us Johnny Weir isn't hugely frickin awesome:
Johnny Weir answers questions; red carpet interview; with Stephen Colbert!!! (NBC)


  1. I love the look on the curler's face when he hears the crowd. "Ever have that happen before?"



  2. Hi there! Thanks for forwarding readers on to my baby names site. I had a great time interviewing Kikkan (and hope everyone had fun reading it, too). My interview with US Olympic Hockey player Gigi Marvin is coming up...